Sunday, 23 June 2013

Used 1988 Chrysler Lebaron Transmission

Description:       Automatic Transmission
                          2.5, AUTO, FLR, FWD; 3 spd (4 cyl), Without turbo
Fits:                   1988 Chrysler Lebaro Automatic Transmission; Without turbo
Condition:         136K miles
Mileage:            Premium Quality - Very Low Mileage!
Warranty:         1-Year (policy)
Discount Price: $650.00 

Location:          Portland, Oregon 97211
Distance:          7888 miles (outside local area)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Used 1993 Mercedes 500SEL Engines

Description:     Gas Engine
                          5.0, 8, AUTO, FLR, RWD, RIV, 175-190X8
Fits:                   1993 Mercedes 500SEL
                          140 Type; (500SEC & SEL)
Condition:         135K miles
Warranty:         1-Year (policy)
Discount Price: $1,523.00 
Location:          Portland, Oregon 97211
Distance:          7888 miles (outside local area)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

2001 Nissan Frontier Bed Assembly

Sub Models:
Engine Sizes:
2.4L L4 GAS, 3.3L V6 GAS
Bed Assembly
OEM Genuine Quality

Items Available:
Average Price:
$2,198.00 (SHIPPING included)
Price Range:
$1,206.37 - $2,651.37

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Chevy 350 Motor – Right Place To Buy Chevy Crate Engine

Nowadays, it is usual to replace the damaged car engine by economy and good performance engineered to retain the vehicle at affordable costs. If you are thinking of renovating your old car with robust and performance engine, Chevy crate engine must be on the top of your list of preferences. Yes, these engines are popular as an excellent engine replacement alternative because of their flexible design and ultimate results. These engines are easily available in the market. However, if you are looking for the right place to buy Chevy 350 engine according to your requirements, you must visit You will find a variety of 350 engines for autos and marines.

Where to buy Chevy 350 crate engine
This is built under expert supervision according to all requirements of the buyer. This engine provides OE compatible engine for replacement. At Chevy 350 Motor, our executives understand all your requirements and provide an estimate before rebuilding crate engines for you. That is why; you have great freedom to choose the perfect engine fulfilling all your requirements. Our executives take care of providing exact engine parts accordingly. So, you get the rough and tough Chevy 350 crate engine at a reliable price. Chevy 350 Motor is the right destination to avail quality Chevy 350 engines.

You will find many Chevy 350 engines matching different makes / models of vehicles. The list provides a range of Turbo and non Turbo engines. Besides this, if you are looking for marine engines, there is a variety of marine Chevy 350 engine parts with 2-bolt main, 4-bolt main engines with standard rotation or reverse rotation. All rebuilt engines here come with unbeatable 7 years /70,000miles warranty which ensures excellent returns to your investment for 350 Chevy engine. You can order custom build engine to match different vehicles or specific requirements.
At Chevy 350 Motor, all engines are remanufactured to exceed OEM specifications. So, you need not worry about quality of the engine or its performance. Chevy 350 engines here assure true value for your money. You can check our testimonials to know about our long reputation which proves our genuine engine parts and services. In case of any query or concern about Chevy 350 engines, you can call our sales representatives on toll free number for assistance. Generally, the standard build time for an engine is 5 working days. We provide prompt services assuring top quality engine parts to our customers.  

Overall thoughts:
If you are interested in Chevy 350 engine pricing list or details, you can visit our inventory and find all details in one place. We ship Chevy engine parts all across the country including Hawaii and Puerto Rico at affordable shipping charges.  If you have decided to choose 350 crate engine for your vehicle, you must visit Chevy 350 Motors to get genuine engine parts at ease.